Hummingbird Mall Vendor Registration

Use the links below to download the registration form for space in the Hummingbird Mall.

Please carefully read all information, instructions and requirements prior to submitting your registration.

Space: 10′ x 10′
Booth Fee: $25.00 per booth ($25.00 service charge for returned checks)
Electricity Fee: $10.00 (extension cords are the vendor’s responsibility). Electrical spaces are limited.
Operator Certificate of Compliance (ST19): Complete certificate and submit with registration form.
Download form at:

Deadline: Forms and fee must be received by August 1st.

Setup: Saturday 6:30 am – 8:15 am
Takedown: Saturday after 4:00 pm.

Instructions on how to submit your completed registration formST19 form, and payment can be found on the registration form itself.

Please print the registration form, fill it out by hand, add the year and mail it in. Always the third Saturday in August.  Please change the date to August 17, 2024!!!!