Notice of Public Meeting! Session #6 November 16th 7 p.m.

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Session #6: Thursday, Nov. 16, basement meeting room, Henderson Public Library – 7 p.m.

Brigid Tuck will return to continue organizational discussions. Also, Sarah Malchow has agreed to share her thoughts
on the garden and how to attract visitors. A tentative, possible organizational chart that was held from last session
may also be visited.
There will also be a need to plan for the annual meeting, which has been scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 30, 7 p.m.

We welcome all with an interest in our project!  Please share with your family and friends!!Session #5 summary: Henderson Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Center project
Brigid Tuck, University of Minnesota Extension, was guest speaker/facilitator at Session #5.
Fifteen individuals were in attendance.
Bigid’s goals were to look closely at what might be the top short-term priorities over the next few months as
Henderson Feathers moves forward on development of the National Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Center project.
As individuals were polled to begin the session, several ideas/concerns//wish lists surfaced:
● Getting more people involved.
● As two prospective board members (from Mankato) backed away, we’re down to 8 individuals who’ve
expressed interest in being on the updated Henderson Feathers board. Should we target up to 15 board
● The need for more volunteers as the project moves forward.
● If the board expands to up to 15, who would be targeted or asked? What talents/strengths need to be
● Connecting with other U.S. hummingbird organizations and groups, including possibly an international
hummingbird center in Arizona.
● Could the National Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Center be open as early as April 10, 2024?
Brenda Kotasek noted that the local hummingbird Facebook page has some 2,000 followers so there is wide interest
beyond the immediate Henderson-Le Sueur area.
Among early decisions which must be targeted include:
● A building decision: The city of Henderson is currently negotiating a purchase of the Catholic church
properties for “a nominal fee’” according to Mayor Swenson. The city would benefit from a affirmative letter
of intent by the existing Henderson Feathers board (Brenda, Beth Cornish, Pat Steckman, Sue Felmlee).
Beth is spearheading that effort.
● Revised bylaws: The existing bylaws are the originals, drafted by the founder, Delores Hagen. Dana and
Doug are spearheading this effort, looking at samples and may have a sample ready by the Nov. 16
meeting. Should a lawyer be hired to review them? (St. Peter-area attorney Paul Tanis does little pro bono
work any longer.)
● Is it already time to hire an executive director? Or to at least identify an interim leader to spearhead this
● On-going board recruitment and development: With 8 prospective board members, common bylaws often
include a provision for “up to 15” board members. Should the board be that large? If so, who should be
Finally, developing committees will be essential. As a reminder, these are the types of committees being considered:
● Executive Committee: Typically the four officers of the board.
● Facilities & grounds, including the garden(s)
● Programs/exhibits
● Gift store
● Fundraising/financial
● Volunteer coordination
● Hummingbird Hurrah event

Submitted by Dana Melius