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Donald Mitchell – Speaker, Bander, Master Gardener

Donald Mitchell obtained a M S. degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Minnesota and has conducted field studies of hummingbirds and the plants they pollinate in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and California. He is a federally-permitted hummingbird bander and former Vice President of the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union. A Goodhue County Master Gardener, Donald attracts hundreds of hummingbirds annually to his garden near the Mississippi River in Red Wing.

Mr. Mitchell’s hummingbird banding demonstrations are always one of the more popular events at the Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah. He will also have a presentation after lunch on attracting hummingbirds to your garden and provide insights regarding hummingbird biology that will help you understand why some ideas for attracting hummingbirds work while others fail.

Al Batt – Speaker, Writer, Storyteller, Humorist

Al writes humor and does regular radio shows about nature. He writes a number of popular cartoon strips that are syndicated nationally and is author of the book, “A Life Gone to the Birds.” He is a columnist for “Bird Watcher’s Digest” and writes for a number of magazines and books.